Knowing the Components and Benefits of Gynexin

Dealing with Gynecomastia is really difficult to bear for most men. There is a decrease in your confidence level as you see the abnormalities that developed in your breast. With the help of Gynexin, all these worries and problems will just be a thing of the past.


Gynecomastia came from the Greek words “gyne” as in woman and “mastos” as in breast. This is a term used to describe the abnormal enlargement of male breast. It is also known as “man boobs” or chest fat.

Gynexin is a supplement pill derived from herbs and designed to reduce the breast enlargement in male. It is a cheap and safe way to treat Gynecomastia than getting a surgery. It will help you regain confidence and get that firm masculine chest that you always dream of.


• It targets the fatty cells that accumulate in the mammary glands.
• There are no scars left compared to surgery.
• It helps in the regularization of unusual breast tissues.
• You will not be embarrassed again when you take off your shirt.
• Its formula is tested, trusted and proven safe.
• It is easy to use and has no side effects.

Components of Gynexin

Chromium Picolinate is formed when chromium and picolinate acids are combined. It helps diabetics regulate their blood sugar level. It maintains ideal body weight and lowers cholesterol level.

Gullesterones are extracted from the sap of gullgulls tree. It fights free radicals and oxidation slowing down the process of ageing. It is also proven to help asthmatic people by inhaling the smoke or fumes from the burning bark. It helps fight cancer and stimulates the thyroid gland to increase body metabolism.

Theobromine Cacao is an alkanoid substance similar to caffeine but has no effect on central nervous system however it further stimulates the heart than caffeine does. It is not addictive and has no side effects.

Green Tea Extract assists in the weight loss management. It accelerates metabolism while burning the fat. It helps in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. It aids in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes. It destroys cancer cells and prevents them from growing back leaving the healthy tissues unharmed.

Caffeine enhances memory and helps in the boosting of memory connection. It helps to fight Alzheimer’s. Skin cancer may be prevented and there is a lesser risk of melanoma development. It also reduces the fats in the liver and increases the volume of semen.

Sclareolides function is to maintain the balance of testosterone and estrogen levels aside from the shrinkage of fat cells. This is the reason why Sclareolides are commonly found in different skin firming and dietary products.

Directions on How to Take Gynexin

Take one supplement without meals. After swallowing the pill, don’t consume all the remaining water in a few gulps. Instead sip it slowly until all the water is consumed. The amount of water should be at least 280 ml.

Take another pill in the evening, before your meal and drink only 50 ml of water. Sip the remaining 200 ml of water after your meal.

Take one more pill before your bedtime and sip 250 ml of water. Sipping a lot of water makes your bladder full and urging you to flush out excess liquids along with the toxins.